Ehalakasa, one of the few monthly spoken word poetry events held in the capital, has continuously raised the flags of performance poetry in the country and beyond since its inception. It has indeed created a platform for many poets, musicians and comedians to expose their talents through the open mic nights dubbed ‘TalkParty’.

The show however went on a three years break within which three poetry slam competitions have been successfully organised. Hondred Percent emerged as winner twice and Jewell King won the subsequent one that crowned Ehalakasa calendar in 2016.

Watchout for updates on this year’s slam competition.

But hey, good news! Ehalakasa TalkParty begins this year with its maiden show happening on the evening of 26th of March at Nubuke Foundation, East Legon. “Expect nothing but a redefined and excellent show with unforgettable moments”, Yibor Kojo Yibor, the dominant face behind Ehalakasa told us in an interview.

Yaayy! Kwame Write is back in Ghana and guess what, he happens to be the guest art for the night. It is indeed going to be redefined!!! The evening will also see performances from Jewell King, SaBuKie, Akambo, Freeman, Evelyn the Piper, Oteanankanduro, Lansah Lawrence, Karl, SeyRam GH, Nora and a surprise guest. Who could this be? Come and hang out with your favourite poets. Check the flyers for more info.


Follow @vuyagh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates of the show. Ehalakasa… It Lives In Us!

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